• Columbus Sound Services is based in the town of Scarborough, N Yorkshire.

  • It is owned and operated by Jon Woollons as a sole trader business. 

  • CSS provides a bespoke audio amplification services using an experienced sound engineer and well maintained audio equipment that is selected as being “fit for purpose” for the job being undertaken.

  • Payment is usually required in full on completion of any work undertaken. On occasions where an invoice is issued it is due for payment in full from the date of issue. The method of payment must be agreed with CSS prior to the event taking place and cannot be changed without mutual discussion & agreement.

  • The following payment methods are accepted by CSS: 1) Cash payment in full either prior to or directly following the event as agreed. 2) BACS bank transfer. 3) Cheques may be accepted - but only with prior agreement.

  • CSS is “safety aware” and always follows good working practices designed to minimize any risk. CSS has risk assessment documentation available.

  • If either the absence of a lift or the design & layout of a venue does not permit the easy use of a sack trolley / dolly to transport equipment to the area where it is required and this results in equipment having to be carried up any stairs to a different floor or level, then CSS may have to make a charge for the time & labor that is involved following consultation.

  • CSS is not responsible and cannot be held liable in any way for any item(s) of equipment that develop either electrical or other unforeseen faults that result in them ceasing to function during an event. 

  • CSS maintains all its equipment to the very highest standard and will always try to factor in a high level of built in redundancy to any system that it supplies. This can take the form of having spare power amplifiers plus other major items of equipment on hand subject to availability.

  • CSS is a member of BECTU and holds current public liability insurance to the value of £10 million. All the CSS insurance documentation is available for inspection at any time - so please just ask!

  • CSS carries full PLI, however any damage to CSS equipment resulting from misuse, abuse, vandalism or acts of aggression by any persons present at the event is the total responsibility of the organizer of the event who will be held fully liable by CSS for any repair or replacement costs that are incurred.

  • CSS operates a "zero tolerance" policy towards defaults on payment for work that has been completed & on the rare occasions when it occurs we place the matter with an approved United Kingdom debt collection company.

  • CSS will always try to accommodate a customer’s requirements when we are supplying amplification equipment and CSS will work at any specified time that is required following due discussion and by prior agreement.

  • Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer or organizer to ensure that there is an adequate source of 230 volt mains power available for CSS to use at the location / venue of the event. Mains power connections must be made via either: 13-amp square pin sockets or round blue 16A or 32A power outlets or a combination of both. The supply should be fully protected by RCD trips that are in good working order. 


  • The CSS engineer will test the designated mains supply point by using a Martindale EZ-150 socket tester as used by BBC outside broadcast units. This will check the socket polarity and it will also give an indication of the earth loop impedance value. CSS retains the right to refuse to connect any equipment to a mains supply that is deemed to be “not fit for purpose” by the CSS engineer following his visual inspection and tests. This may be due to concerns about general electrical safety, lack of current capacity or some other reason that will be clearly outlined by the engineer at the time.

  • If power is being supplied from a free-standing generator, it must be “fit for purpose” and be “signed off” as such by a suitably qualified person. Suitable earthling connections must be made and the supply voltage and frequency must be within the required tolerances as laid down by published statute and free from any spurious electrical interference / spikes / brown-outs etc.

  • Please raise the matter of suitable 230v mains power provision with the CSS engineer prior to the event if you have any concerns whatsoever!

  • If any issues or problems whatsoever arising with the supply of 230v mains power provided by the organizer lead to a disruption of the service that is being provided by CSS then all responsibility shall lie totally with the organizer. In the event that power supply issues prevent an event from continuing then CSS will still require payment as agreed by the terms of the contract.

  • If any live or recorder music is to be played through an audio system supplied by CSS then it is entirely the customers / hirers responsibility to ensure that they are complying fully with the current licensing requirements of the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Limited as well as any other local or national licensing bodies. CSS cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever if this requirement is not followed. On request CSS can liaise with the PRS and PPL to investigate what licenses (if any) are required. 

  • CSS cannot be held responsible for the content or make up of any program material that is being reproduced or performed through a hired audio system. CSS however does reserve the right to shut down a sound system if the CSS engineer deems the program material to be an affront to common decency, is of a racial or homophobic nature or is in breach of what is generally classified as accepted behavior.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact CSS by phone on: 01723 362746 or by email either using the contact CSS tab on the website or by using the following email address:  is you have any questions!

  • CSS reserves all rights to amend or change the CSS terms & conditions of business without notice whenever changes or amendments are required.

JC Woollons (owner / engineer).

CSS Terms & Conditions last amended: 30/03/2017 for 2017-18 period.

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