Outdoor PA Systems

CSS can supply a range of public address systems that are suitable for use outdoors. These can be run either from the mains supply or from lead-acid leisure batteries. Using a leisure battery as the power source means that you can locate the system exactly where it is required, even in the middle of a field...


We have a number of PA amplifiers plus a range of weatherproof horn speakers. The horns vary in both size and power handling. The horn speakers can be mounted on tripod stands or they can be fitted to 3m alloy poles that can then be secured to a fence or some other suitably rigid support. This allows them to be placed where they are needed while keeping a very small ground level footprint. Speakers can be set up either singly or in clusters depending on the situation and long cable runs are possible between locations. We can also supply a number of cabinet speakers that are suitable for music reproduction.

 The equipment that we hold in stock can either be assembled to make two or even three smaller PA systems or everything can be combined into one large system suitable for bigger events. This system can also be used in situations where different areas or locations of an event all have to be covered by just one announcement system.

We offer a number of different microphone options both wired and wireless for use with the systems. One model we often use is a professional noise cancelling close talk fist unit that helps cut out any background noise & this results in a very clear audio output from the horn speakers.

This cluster of 4 x HS-20 horn speakers shown on the right is a versatile item in our outdoor stock.

The horns all move independently so they can be aimed as required. They can either all face one way as shown in the photo or they can be turned to give a full 360 degrees of coverage.

For smaller events just a single stand supporting the 4 x HS-20 cluster can provide satisfactory coverage. As part of a larger system it allows coverage across a wide area while maintaining a small footprint.

Officially designated the 4 x HS-20 cluster it is also sometimes referred to as the "Tower of Power".

For situations where the program material contains a mix of speech and music we have some Monacor EDL-115/WS sound projectors. 

These robust weatherproof loudspeakers have a much wider and smoother response when compared to the horn speakers and this makes them ideal for use in situations that have mixed program material.

They are often selected as the speaker of choice for "over-spill audio" applications for this reason.

Reasons for having a Public Address System:

  • Having a public address system can be beneficial for any event as it will help ensure that everybody attending knows exactly what is going on! 
  • A good public address system can really help with the administration of any event, as it can be used for giving out results and other information. It can also make it much easier to locate people if the need should arise!
  • If you have chosen to install good on site communications for your event then everything will hopefully run very smoothly and to plan, this in turn should ensure that things will also run safely...
  • If you decide to hire a CSS public address system do make sure that you mention the fact in your risk assessment documentation as it is certainly a tool that can help to reduce some areas of potential risk.

The picture to the right here shows just part of the public address system that CSS installed for an event that was being held in an unusual location! 

It was in the Dean Road Cemetery and there certainly no mains power available!

Above a view showing PA horns installed for a Sports Relief event in Peasholm Park, Scarborough. The black Yamaha speaker in the middle was being used for music reproduction.

To the left a close-up shows one pair of horns on the alloy support pole. This method of mounting speakers is possible in any situation where a suitable support is available. It has the advantage of maintaining a much smaller footprint than that of a tripod stand.

The horn speakers above are excellent when used for vocal announcements, they are very efficient and can produce high sound levels. But they are not very good for reproducing music!

Using cabinet speakers like the ones shown here on the right allows both music and vocal announcements to be made. Just two cabinets are shown but multiple units can be used for larger events or when higher sound levels are needed. Bass cabinets can be added to the system to give greater depth & power handling.

Here we see a Crest power amplifier that was driving the Ohm RW3 300 watt cabinets shown above. 

It was being used with a small Yamaha mixing desk to allow the output from the CD player to be controlled.

The system was set up so that a local dressage team could practice and also get the horses acclimatised to the sound of the music prior to an event.

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