CSS Audio Hire

  • CSS is based in the seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
  • CSS has a wide range of audio amplification equipment available for hire.
  • CSS is a member of BECTU and holds PLI to the value of £10 million.
  • CSS mains powered equipment is regularly inspected and appliance tested.
  • CSS will always try to ensure that a very high level of resilience is built into all our PA systems. We try to reduce the risks & have a plan "B" from the start!
  • CSS has equipment available for business meetings & presentations. A lectern fitted with very discrete directional microphones is one popular item.
  • CSS can supply sound reinforcement & power amplification systems for live music events, fashion shows, dance/drama productions etc both inside & out.
  • CSS has two audio frequency induction loop systems (AFIL's) available, these are often referred to as "hearing loop" systems. Anybody wearing a hearing aid can select the "loop" setting and then listen to the event audio directly if a hearing loop system is installed. This means everyone can enjoy the event!
  • CSS can supply outdoor public address systems that are battery powered and this makes them very safe to use outside and extremely easy to position.
  • CSS usually only supplies equipment on "wet" hire terms. This means when you hire equipment you also get a sound engineer. This ensures that you don't have to worry about the audio amplification during the event.

Basically there is a very good chance that CSS can supply you with the audio equipment that you need so call Jon for an informal chat on: 01723 362746

This is how you do it:

     1) Talk to us about the event, the venue and your requirements.
     2) CSS gives you advice and a firm price for doing the job.
     3) CSS delivers all the equipment to the chosen venue.
     4) CSS sets up the equipment and tests the system at the venue.
     5) CSS oversees the sound install for the duration of the event.
     6) CSS packs down the sound equipment at the end of the event.
     7) CSS removes all the hired equipment from the venue.
     8) CSS takes the equipment back to the CSS secure storage facility.

All that is left for you to do is to actually use the sound system!

Information for local schools:

CSS will always try to help schools in the area whenever possible:

  • Help is available in the form of specially discounted rates when a school needs to hire audio amplification equipment or systems from CSS.
  • CSS is able to provide both advice as well as on site training in the use of audio equipment a school might already own or is planning to buy.
  • If you need audio cables supplying or repairing then CSS can help! The button just below will take you to the "cables & connectors" page of the CSS website where you will find more detailed information on this topic.

If you have any questions or require more information contact Jon the owner / engineer!

CSS telephone number:

01723 362746


Contact CSS via email:

Twitter: @soundbythesea

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