The reason that CSS has such a wide assortment of audio equipment in stock can be summed up in just one word and that is "flexibility". We set out with the intention of getting a good range of audio equipment to enable us to "mix & match" when putting systems together to suit a customers requirements.

The way that we work is as follows: You explain to us exactly what it is that you would like to do and then we will select the most suitable items of equipment that we have in stock in order to provide you with a system that suits your requirements as closely as possible. Because lets face it one size does not fit everyone does it?
OK - we are not saying that we can always come up with a fantastic solution 100% of the time, but we certainly can come up with a tailored solution to suit the majority of our customers requirements most of the time!
The best thing to do is to get in contact via phone or email and actually discuss your requirements with us! 

Remember that all non-profit making ventures and charity's will receive very favourable hire rates from CSS...
If you need a compact but punchy vocal amplification system suitable for a presentation or other event then you should find that our McGregor 250 watt amplifier paired with an Audio Technica wireless microphone receiver suits your requirements perfectly!
Housed in a 2U SKB roto-rack it is compact and ideal for applications that require some vocal amplification. Extra microphones can be added if required & these can either be handheld or lavaliere. The system can also be used to play presentation audio via Bluetooth.
Our McGregor 250 watt mixer amplifier racked up with a dedicated MP3 player unit is a good package to use for exercise and dance classes. It can also supply a useful level of sound reinforcement in a business or other meeting. The SKB roto-rack case ensures that the gear is kept well protected.

CSS has a number of McGregor amplifiers in stock these range in size from 100 watts up to 500 watts per channel, they are quite capable of running vocal PA in small to medium sized venues. 

We have a McGregor zone amplifier that is ideal for running background music as well as providing sound reinforcement for a business meeting.

The choice of speaker will be dictated by the venue size & also the proposed program material. CSS has a wide range - all available from stock.

Microphones obviously play a very important part in any audio amplification system, CSS has a broad selection of quality models to choose from.

The picture here shows just some of our wired mics and we do have more available. 

We have a number of wireless microphones available either in handheld, head worn or lavaliere models.

CSS holds a good stock of speakers. Starting with some compact 150w cabinets with 8" drivers, Ohm RW2 12" driver cabinets and finally we have some fourteen fitted with 15" drive units. These are Ohm (UK) Ltd, RW-3 top cabinets, with matching RWS sub-bass cabinets. We also stock monitor wedges and other assorted 12" & 15" full range cabinets.

2 x RW-3 15" Ohm tops + 2 x RWS 15" Ohm subs can be seen to the right on the pink trailer making up just one side of the PA installed for a local band.

1 of a pair of 8" compact speaker cabinets is shown below when it was being used for background music during an art exhibition being in the old parcel office on Scarborough railway station.

Below right; an Ohm RW3 in use at Castle Howard.

For situations that require a larger output than a mixer amplifier is able to deliver CSS has a number of Crest power amplifiers that are more than capable of doing the job and some of them are shown below.


CSS has a number of audio mixing desks available and which one is the best one to use depends very much on the event & the program material involved.

The Yamaha mixing desk shown on the left here is ideal for small events . On occasions where more channels are required CSS can supply 6, 10 or 24 channel desks all direct from stock.

A 45 metre 24/6 Belden multi-core is also available.

Once we know what your event involves we will then be able to advise you as to the most suitable mixing desk for your particular requirements.

CCS has mixing desks by Allen & Heath, Yamaha, Soundcraft and Mackie available from stock.

We have an effects rack available for use with any of the desks if required where effects or other types of signal processing are required.



CSS has a couple of "hearing loop" amplifiers - AFIL's audio frequency induction loop amplifiers available in our hire stock.

These units allow any hard of hearing person in the audience who uses hearing aids to switch them to the "T" or "loop" setting to be able to listen to program material directly through their hearing aids. 

This should make it much easier for them to enjoy the program audio. It should be possible to install a local hearing loop anywhere that audio is being broadcast to an audience, whether it is in business meeting or a school play some people present will probably benefit from having it...


Because mobile phones, tablets and laptops play such a large part in peoples lives these days CSS has a Denon DN-200BR Bluetooth receiver in stock. This unit allows audio content to be streamed from any Bluetooth enabled device like a phone, tablet or laptop to be fed into the event amplification system. It might be music streaming from a mobile phone or the audio from a video or power point presentation being sent from a laptop during a business meeting. Whatever the source this receiver works well and has proved to be a very useful piece of kit.

The Alesis "Multi-mix 10 Wireless mixer" shown on the left is mounted in a 4U SKB rack case and has: 

  • 4 x XLR microphone inputs. 
  • 2 x stereo line inputs on TRS 1/4" jacks.
  • 1 x built in "Bluetooth" channel.

This makes it very versatile! Uses could be a system for a live event, playing backing tracks for a dance or drama production, Bluetooth linking a laptop, phone or tablet to a sound system to allow an audio presentation to run or just to provide background music!


Amplification equipment that is in use at an event will usually require mains power in some form!

CSS has a range of 230v power cables available. 

All CSS mains equipment, cabling and distro boxes are checked before use and always carry current PAT labels. CSS uses full RCD protection on all the mains power and also has the equipment to test RCD's. 

Before connecting any equipment we always check the mains power supply with the same equipment used by the BBC - a Martindale EZ-150 socket & loop impedance tester...

Due to a number of customers asking if we had any lighting gear that could be used with sound systems means that we now have a 3Kw tungsten lighting rig in our stock that is available for hire. 

It consists of two tripod lighting stands each holding four 300 watt Par-56 cans, plus another two Par-56 cans that can either be floor or stand mounted. 

A rack mount dimmer / programmer runs the system and it is quite capable of lighting a band or other act in a small to medium sized venue, the lights can be fitted with coloured filters if required. The system is also suitable for general architectural lighting as all the Par-cans can be individually angled.


We could go on telling you about different stuff 

and showing you lots of pictures, 

but life really is just too short - so here are some of the things that you can hire from CSS:  

Shure microphones

Sennheiser microphones

Audio-Technica microphones

Allen & Heath mixing desk

Soundcraft mixing desk

Yamaha mixing desk

Mackie mixing desk

Alesis effects units

Sony mixing desk

IMG compressors

Emo & IMG DI-boxes

Rack mount MP3 player

Wedge monitor speakers

A Marshall guitar amplifier

McGregor mixer amplifiers

OHM (UK) Ltd loudspeakers

Crest Audio power amplifiers

Inter-M 100v line power amplifiers

Weatherproof outdoor horn speakers

A lectern fitted with twin low profile mics

10 x Par-56 lighting rig (3Kw) with a control unit

Induction loop amplifiers (for hearing aid loops)

Denon Professional Bluetooth Receiver

Adastra public address amplifiers

Microphone & Speaker stands

Multi-core stage snakes

as well as 

lots of other high 

quality audio cables and connectors


RCD protected 13A and 16A 230v mains power distribution cables that are all inspected and appliance tested regularly.

There may well be some other things that we  have just 

forgotten to put on this list so please do ask us!

Call Jon on 01723 362746 to discuss your requirements or if you would like more information about anything!

Twitter: @soundbythesea

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