Due to the range and type of equipment that is held in stock and because we will always put together a package that is designed to suit an individual customers requirements it is not easy to publish a simple fixed price list outlining all of the hire charges, so I ask that you contact us to discuss your actual requirements.

  • We would like to know what it is you are planning to do as well as where and when it is going to take place? 
  • We would also like a bit of background information on the event itself, because if it is in aid of a charity, a school or some other "not-for-profit" cause then we will take this into account when working out the final price for the hire package!
  • The price that you are quoted is the total price that you will pay for the agreed audio system install.  There are no hidden charges or VAT to be added to that agreed price.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If your requirements alter or change in any way following a quote it may be necessary for CSS to re-calculate the final hire charge to allow for the changes!

CSS are able to provide a range of audio systems suitable for use in different situations. These can include drama or dance productions, business presentations, lectures, talks, weddings, school functions, events in village halls, fairs or fetes, live music both indoors or outside. Basically what we are saying is that CSS can most likely help you to make your event a success if it requires some audio amplification!

If you are in the situation where you need something to be made louder then give me a call. CSS is very committed to helping people whenever possible, especially if they are at an early point in their careers. Don't just assume that it will be too expensive to hire a PA for an event before you have called me, as you may be pleasantly surprised...

Use the contact page on this website or phone Jon on: 01723 362746.

If nobody in the office when you call please leave your details clearly and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This is often later on the same day that you contact CSS or the following one at the very latest. 

Note: Only speak after the voice message and not the fax beep when you call 01723 362746 or I may not get all your message... I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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