• CSS offers a cleaning service for equipment! Anything that has a cooling fan tends to suck in dust and fluff over time and when this builds up it can lead to problems. It is worth getting equipment cleaned before it lets you down!
  • CSS can arrange for fault finding and repairs to be carried out on equipment - both traditional valve and solid state audio gear can usually be both serviced and repaired.
  • For the owners of valve equipment CSS offers a valve testing service. Getting the valves in your equipment tested will indicate if they are working correctly or if it is time to replace them.
  • Due to the very wide range of equipment that is available these days all service and repair work is dealt with on an individual basis. For more information on servicing and repairs please just get in touch with us either by using the "Contact CSS" option on the menu bar or call: 01723 362746. 
  • We will require details of the equipment that has the problem as well as a detailed description of exactly what the problem is as you see it. Once we have that information we will then be able to tell you if we think that we can carry out a repair on the item. This process is necessary as unfortunately these days some equipment is manufactured in a way that it makes repairs very difficult and sometimes even impossible due to the design and the availability of replacement parts. However until you get in touch we cannot help, so don't be put off - just telephone or email to tell us what the problem is!



  • CSS offers a full repair service for all your audio and mains cables and we can also manufacture new custom leads to your specification.
  • We always use high quality connectors - usually Neutrik & source decent cable to help ensure a noise free signal path combined with a long working life! The old saying "buy cheap, buy twice" is so very true when it comes to audio leads...
  • If you are not 100% sure about what it is that you need we will be very happy to advise you about what is available and what we feel would be the best solution to your particular problem.
  • We can supply new audio connectors as well as a whole range of commercial audio leads to order in any quantity that you might require.
  • If you have a crackly lead or a damaged audio connector then give CSS a call on 01723 362746 as we can help you! If you continue to use a faulty lead at the very least it will be noisy and and in the worst case a faulty lead can damage your amplifier, speaker or other connected equipment. It is not worth using faulty leads as they will just cause you problems at some point in the future...


  • If you need any equipment inspecting & appliance testing use the button below to take you to the Columbus Testing Services website. CTS offers a full inspection & appliance testing service for all 230v mains and 110v site equipment (CTS is another part of the Columbus Services group).

This link button will take you to the CTS appliance testing website.


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